Michael J. Manton

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The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) forest certification system is a globally widespread market-driven mechanism that aims at responsible use and governance of forests, and its application is growing. However, the extent to which forest certification contributes effectively to maintaining forest biodiversity is an unresolved issue. We assessed the role of(More)
Biosphere Reserves aim at being role models for biodiversity conservation. This study focuses on the unsuccessful conservation of waders (Charadrii) on wet grasslands in the Kristianstad Vattenrike Biosphere Reserve (KVBR) in southern Sweden. Predation on nests and young has been proposed as one reason contributing to the decline of waders. We explored this(More)
The Poor Man's Ensemble (PME) forecasts of daily rainfall have been investigated for the eight-year period of 2001–2008 with a focus on wintertime precipitation (May–October) across the southern portion of Australia (south of 30°S). Such rainfall is commonly the product of storm systems that come from the Southern Ocean (SO). The skill of the forecasts is(More)
A gradual reduction in water from snow-melt over the past century has motivated Snowy Hydro Ltd. to pursue a wintertime cloud seeding project in the Snowy Mountains of southeastern Australia. The Snowy Precipitation Enhancement Research Project is one of only a few cloud seeding experiments in the last two decades to employ a randomized design, and the(More)
Important Disclaimer CSIRO advises that the information contained in this publication comprises general statements based on scientific research. The reader is advised and needs to be aware that such information may be incomplete or unable to be used in any specific situation. No reliance or actions must therefore be made on that information without seeking(More)
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