Michael J. Mahometa

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BACKGROUND During the postpartum period, women may experience unfavorable psychosocial and behavioral health in multiple domains with adverse effects on parenting and maternal and infant health. Yet, little is known about the accumulation of poor health across the domains of depressive symptoms; body image; diet and physical activity; substance use(More)
Two contrasting investigative techniques provided evidence consistent with the interpretation that female quail (Coturnix japonica) regulate male copulatory behavior by the duration of their immobility and through this behavioral mechanism they also control the rate of fertilization of their eggs. In Experiment 1, copulation tests with males and females(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the reliability and validity of a 3-dimensional laser body scanner for estimation of waist and hip circumferences and waist:hip ratio. METHODS Seventy women were evaluated for waist and hip circumference and waist:hip ratio via laser scanner and tape measure. In a subset of 34 participants, 8 repeated measures of laser scanning were(More)
BACKGROUND Studies of sexual conditioning typically focus on the development of conditioned responses to a stimulus that precedes and has become associated with a sexual unconditioned stimulus (US). Such a sexually conditioned stimulus (CS) provides the opportunity for feed-forward regulation of sexual behavior, which improves the efficiency and(More)
This study contributes an understanding of how ICTs and varying information sources work together during emergency alerts. It builds on the prior work on campus active shooter events by examining an organization that used a range of ICTs including mobile devices, social media, organizational tools, and news media, to notify their stakeholders about an(More)
Dedication I dedicate this dissertation to my brothers and sisters in blindness, for we see things in a manner that the sighted world may not fully understand. v Acknowledgements The path that I have taken not only to complete my dissertation but also to achieve my doctoral degree has not been ventured into alone. Many people have supported me throughout(More)
UNLABELLED Recently, the lexicon of pain was refined into a parsimonious set of words making up the Pain Descriptor System (PDS). The present study investigated the latent structure of the sensory category of the PDS with its 24 descriptors distributed equally across 8 subcategories. A sample of 629 chronic pain patients rated the degree to which each of(More)
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