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Condor is a software package for executing long running ''batch'' type jobs on workstations which would otherwise be idle. Major features of Condor are automatic location and allocation of idle machines, and checkpointing and migration of processes. All of these features are achieved without any modifications to the UNIX kernel whatsoever. Also, users of(More)
We have implemented both checkpointing and migration of processes under UNIX as a part of the Condor package. Checkpointing, remote execution, and process migration are different, but closely related ideas; the relationship between these ideas is explored. A unique feature of the Condor implementation of these items is that they are accomplished entirely at(More)
 An eTEACH presentation combines a video frame (Microsoft MediaPlayer) with a slide frame (Microsoft PowerPoint), an external web links frame, a dynamic table of contents that titles the major portions of the lecture and allows jumping to any portion, buttons that allow the lecture to be advanced or rewound 10 or 30 seconds, and fast forward and reverse(More)
An introductory computer science course entitled "Engineering Problem-solving with Computers" uses a novel combination of in-class active learning laboratories and out-of-class web-based learning tools to teach sophomore engineers problem-solving skills using Maple and Matlab. This novel pedagogy is designed to maximize the benefit of in-class activities(More)
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