Michael J. Little

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Drug discovery compounds are often isolated as salts of trifluoroacetate from preparative high performance liquid chromatography, which are then used for biological assays in order to assess their efficacy against the biochemical target of interest. It is, therefore, imperative to determine the TFA content in order to ascertain the correct formula weight(More)
The pharmaceutical industry has recognized that many drug-like molecules can self-aggregate in aqueous media and have physicochemical properties that skew experimental results and decisions. Herein, we introduce the use of a simple NMR strategy for detecting the formation of aggregates using dilution experiments that can be performed on equipment prevalent(More)
A variety of 3'-untranslated regions (UTRs) were cloned from infectious hepatitis C virus human samples and examined in NS5B polymerase de novo initiation reactions. We isolated and characterized four distinct 3'-UTRs that harbor the conserved terminal 98 nucleotides, but have poly(U/UC) tracts of 25, 93, 98, and 101 nucleotides, respectively.(More)
BACKGROUND When two targets are presented in close temporal proximity amongst a rapid serial visual stream of distractors, a period of disrupted attention and attenuated awareness lasting 200-500 ms follows identification of the first target (T1). This phenomenon is known as the "attentional blink" (AB) and is generally attributed to a failure to(More)
The biotechnology industry has undergone rapid growth in recent years largely due to the development and success of protein-based therapeutics for a wide range of disorders. Similar to traditional pharmaceuticals, characterization of a therapeutic protein for its physicochemical properties, process monitoring and lot release is crucial. Electrophoresis in(More)
We describe here the design, synthesis and biological evaluation of antiviral compounds acting against human rhinovirus (HRV). A series of aminothiazoles demonstrated pan-activity against the HRV genotypes screened and productive structure-activity relationships. A comprehensive investigational library was designed and performed allowing the identification(More)
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