Michael J. Kulis

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A comparison is made between SnO(2), ZnO, and TiO(2) single-crystal nanowires and SnO(2) polycrystalline nanofibers for gas sensing. Both nanostructures possess a one-dimensional morphology. Different synthesis methods are used to produce these materials: thermal evaporation-condensation (TEC), controlled oxidation, and electrospinning. Advantages and(More)
In this paper, we formulate and analyse an elementary model for autoignition of cylindrical laminar jets of fuel injected into an oxidizing ambient at rest. This study is motivated by renewed interest in analysis of hydrothermal flames for which such configuration is common. As a result of our analysis, we obtain a sharp characterization of the autoignition(More)
The analytical utility of a micro-hollow cathode glow discharge plasma for detection of varied hydrocarbons was tested using acetone, ethanol, heptane, nitrobenzene, and toluene. Differences in fragmentation pathways, reflecting parent compound molecular structure, led to differences in optical emission patterns that can then potentially serve as signatures(More)
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