Michael J Humphries

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BACKGROUND The current Global initiative for chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) treatment strategy recommends the use of one or more bronchodilators according to the patient's airflow limitation, their history of exacerbations, and symptoms. The LANTERN study evaluated the effect of the long-acting β2-agonist (LABA)/long-acting muscarinic antagonist(More)
BACKGROUND Glycopyrronium is a once-daily (od) long-acting muscarinic antagonist for the maintenance treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The GLOW7 study evaluated the efficacy and safety of od glycopyrronium 50 μg in predominantly Chinese patients with moderate-to-severe COPD. METHODS In this 26-week, multi-center, double-blind,(More)
PURPOSE Omalizumab is the preferred add-on therapy for patients with moderate-to-severe persistent allergic asthma and has demonstrated efficacy and safety in various ethnicities. This study evaluated the efficacy and safety of omalizumab in Chinese patients with moderate-to-severe allergic asthma. METHODS This randomized, double-blind, parallel-group,(More)
OBJECTIVE AND DESIGN There is comparatively little information on asthma management in China. A multicentre, randomised, open-label, parallel-group, 6-week treatment study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of salmeterol/fluticasone propionate combination treatment in Chinese adult asthmatic patients. SETTING AND PATIENTS 398 patients with(More)
BACKGROUND Indacaterol/glycopyrronium (IND/GLY) is approved for maintenance treatment of adult patients with COPD. This post hoc analysis explored the efficacy and safety of IND/GLY versus salmeterol/fluticasone (SFC) in symptomatic (Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease [GOLD] B and GOLD D) patients with moderate-to-severe COPD. PATIENTS(More)
Sixty-three patients with acute or recurrent vaginal candidosis were allocated to treatment with either oral ketoconazole (200 mg twice daily for 5 days) or clotrimazole 100 mg vaginal tablets (one per night for 6 days). Analysis of the results of doctor and patient assessment showed that both treatments were highly effective in reducing the signs and(More)
Inhaled indacaterol/glycopyrronium fixed-dose combination (IND/GLY) is approved in over 80 countries, including the EU, Japan, Australia and Switzerland and the US. The LANTERN study evaluated the efficacy of IND/GLY compared with inhaled long-acting β2-agonist (LABA)/inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) or salmeterol/fluticasone (SFC) in patients with(More)
BACKGROUND The FLAME study demonstrated that indacaterol/glycopyrronium (IND/GLY), the fixed-dose combination of a long-acting β2-agonist (LABA, IND) and a long-acting muscarinic antagonist (LAMA, GLY), was superior to salmeterol/fluticasone combination (SFC) in preventing exacerbations in COPD patients with a high risk of exacerbations. In this study, we(More)
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