Michael J Hochman

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CONTEXT Palliative care (PC) consultation services are available in most hospitals; outpatient services are rapidly growing to meet the needs of patients at earlier stages of the disease trajectory. OBJECTIVES We aimed to compare the unmet needs of PC patients by location of care to better characterize these populations. METHODS This cross-sectional(More)
CONTEXT Hematologic cancer patients use palliative care services less frequently than their solid tumor counterparts. Prior work suggests these patients have a sizeable symptom burden, but comparisons between hematologic and solid tumor patients near the end of life are limited. OBJECTIVES To compare unmet symptom needs in a cohort of hematologic and(More)
CONTEXT Anticholinergic drugs can cause several side effects, impairing cognition and quality of life (QOL). Cancer patients are often exposed to increasing cumulative anticholinergic load (ACL) as they approach death, but this burden has not been examined in patients with nonmalignant diseases. OBJECTIVES To determine ACL and its impact in noncancer(More)
CONTEXT Quality metrics for intensive care unit (ICU)-based palliative care have been proposed, but it is unknown how consultative palliative care can contribute to performance on these measures. OBJECTIVES Assess adherence to proposed quality metrics of ICU-based palliative care by palliative care specialists. METHODS Surrogates for 9/14 patient-level(More)
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