Michael J. Hine

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The interpretive perspective of organizational /earning emphasizes the underlying purpose and meaning of an organization's environment. It involves the development of individual environmental interpretations and the development of a shared understanding of the environment. Understanding and supporting the interpretive organizational /earning process is(More)
Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) are typically constructed from expert knowledge and are often reliant on inputs that are difficult to obtain and on tacit knowledge that only experienced clinicians possess. Research described in this article uses empirical results from a clinical trial of a CDSS with a decision model based on expert knowledge to(More)
Electronic negotiations are supported by a number of technologies including e-mail, web-enabled decision support systems and e-negotiation systems (ENSs). The features of the ENS used by a negotiator can affect the negotiation outcome because of the type and scope of support provided and its presentation. ENSs usually interface with users via a natural(More)
As organizations become increasingly reliant on distributive technologies, the processes that underpin the effective functioning of employees in virtual environments require systematic examination. This paper provides a research framework for studying emotion and judgement in virtual environments. We argue that media characteristics, combined with(More)
Clinical decision-making is complex and uncertain and is dependent on accurate and timely information that is typically managed through Information Technology (IT) solutions. One particular class of IT solution that is becoming increasingly prevalent in the medical community is Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS). Decision models in CDSS are typically(More)