Michael J. Hine

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AbstrAct Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) are typically constructed from expert knowledge and are BLOCKINoften BLOCKINreliant BLOCKINon BLOCKINinputs BLOCKINthat BLOCKINare BLOCKINdifficult BLOCKINto BLOCKINob-tain and on tacit knowledge that only experienced clinicians possess. Research described in this article uses empirical results from a(More)
The interpretive perspective of organizational /earning emphasizes the underlying purpose and meaning of an organization's environment. It involves the development of individual environmental interpretations and the development of a shared understanding of the environment. Understanding and supporting the interpretive organizational /earning process is(More)
Electronic negotiations are supported by a number of technologies including e-mail, web-enabled decision support systems and e-negotiation systems (ENSs). The features of the ENS used by a negotiator can affect the negotiation outcome because of the type and scope of support provided and its presentation. ENSs usually interface with users via a natural(More)