Michael J. Hill

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Small (SK) and intermediate (IK) conductance calcium-activated potassium channels are candidate ion channels for the regulation of excitability in nociceptive neurones. We have used unique peptide-directed antisera to describe the immunocytochemical distribution of the known isoforms of these ion channels in dorsal root ganglia (DRG) and spinal cord of the(More)
Decision support systems (DSS) that are simple, spatial, flexible, non-deterministic and have a long track record of practical application in a policy environment have until recently been uncommon. There has been a rapid expansion in the development and description of both quantitative and soft system methods that can be applied to decision-making processes(More)
Leaf Area Index (LAI) and vegetation cover are important metrics for deriving structural information of forest ecosystems across multiple scales. Ground-based measurements of LAI are necessary for up-scaling to coarse resolution satellite products as well as for calibrating and validating such products derived from airborne and satellite remote sensing(More)
This paper applies a Bayesian network to model multi criteria distribution maps and to discover knowledge contained in spatial data. The procedure consists of three steps: pre processing map data, training the Bayesian Network model using distribution maps of Australia and testing the generalization and diagnosis of the model using individual states' maps.(More)