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A hypothesis, based on epidemiological and histopathological data, is proposed to account for the aetiology of colorectal adenomas and carcinomas. Adenomas are initially caused by an environmental agent which acts on the colorectal cells of adenoma-prone persons, a further environmental agent causes small adenomas to grow, and a carcinogen causes malignancy(More)
—A planar Microwave Band Gap (MBG) cavity res-onator filter that is completely compatible with current commercial printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication techniques has been designed, fabricated and tested. This filter provides a 1.33% band-width passband response at 10.67 GHz with a corresponding insertion loss of 2.17 dB. Design considerations and(More)
—A reconfigurable planar electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) cavity resonator has been designed, fabricated, and tested. The resonator, based on a microstrip-coupled cavity constructed with periodic metallic post side walls, resonates at 10.60 GHz or 8.63 GHz, depending on the state of two rows of switchable post elements. Fabricated on 0.031 " 5880 Duroid, the(More)
Natural resource management decision making generally requires the analysis of a variety of environmental, social and economic information, incorporating value judgement and policy and management goals. Justifiable decisions depend on the logical and transparent combination and analysis of information. This chapter describes the application of spatial(More)
Decision support systems (DSS) that are simple, spatial, flexible, non-deterministic and have a long track record of practical application in a policy environment have until recently been uncommon. There has been a rapid expansion in the development and description of both quantitative and soft system methods that can be applied to decision-making processes(More)
There is an ecological association between total and animal fat consumption and colorectal and breast cancer risk. Mortality data for breast and colorectal cancer for 24 European countries correlated, as expected, with the consumption of animal, but not vegetable, fat. There was an inverse correlation with fish and fish oil consumption, when expressed as a(More)
It has been shown in vitro that bacteria are able to form or release carcinogens, mutagens, or promoters from intestinal secretions such as bile, or from excretions such as urine. It is, therefore, of interest to find out whether chronic infection of the gallbladder is associated with carcinogens, as in chronic infection of the urinary bladder. A study of(More)
Keywords: Multi criteria analysis, spatial decision support, natural resource management, coupled human-environment systems. EXTENDED ABSTRACT Multi-criteria approaches to analysis of complex issues in coupled human-environment systems have found wide application across business, government and communities around the world. Increased attention has been paid(More)