Michael J Herrmann

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Long-term functioning of a hand prosthesis is crucial for its acceptance by patients with upper limb deficit. In this study the reliability over days of the performance of pattern classification approaches based on surface electromyography (sEMG) signal for the control of upper limb prostheses was investigated. Recordings of sEMG from the forearm muscles(More)
We investigate strategic voting at German Bundestag elections. The common intuition about strategic voting holds that supporters of small party candidates split their ticket and cast a constituency vote for the candidate of a viable large party. We show that there is more potential for strategic voting than previously admitted. Based on the multiparty(More)
This article discusses the compositional structure of hand movements by analyzing and modeling neural and behavioral data obtained from experiments where a monkey (Macaca fascicularis) performed scribbling movements induced by a search task. Using geometrically based approaches to movement segmentation, it is shown that the hand trajectories are composed of(More)
Often, agricultural commodities are not eaten raw but undergo processing operations prior to human consumption. These may significantly affect the residue levels of pesticides contained therein and/or thereon. Due to the physico-chemical properties of the residue, its concentration may decrease or increase in processed fractions compared to the initial(More)
Critical dynamics in neural networks is an experimentally and conceptually established phenomenon which has been shown to be important for information processing in the brain. Critical neural networks have been shown to have optimal computational capabilities, information transmission and capacity [1,2]. At the same time the theoretical understanding of(More)
  • Franz Urban Pappi, Michael Herrmann, Franz Urban, Pappi Michael, Herrmann Strategisches, Erststimmenwählen Bei +8 others
  • 2006
potentiell strategischen oder " unehrlichen " (unsincere) Verhalten tatsächlich strategisches Wahlver-halten. Abstract: The avoidance of a wasted vote is the best known and researched form of a strategic vote, applicable first of all in single-member single ballot systems. The equivalent in German Bundestag elections is the first or candidate vote for one(More)
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