Michael J. Greer

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This paper presents a computational model of semantic memory, trained with behaviourally inspired vectors. The results are consistent with the conceptual structure account (Tyler, Moss, Durrant-Peatfield & Levy, 2000), which claims that concepts can be understood, and the effects of random damage predicted, based on (i) the number of correlations its(More)
Innate immune responses are critical for mucosal immunity. Here we describe an innate lymphocyte population, iCD8α cells, characterized by expression of CD8α homodimers. iCD8α cells exhibit innate functional characteristics such as the capacity to engulf and kill bacteria. Development of iCD8α cells depends on expression of interleukin-2 receptor γ chain(More)
Functional enrichment analysis has played a key role in the biological interpretation of high-throughput omics data. As a long-standing and widely used web application for functional enrichment analysis, WebGestalt has been constantly updated to satisfy the needs of biologists from different research areas. WebGestalt 2017 supports 12 organisms, 324 gene(More)
Online writing instruction is a process of design that includes both spatial and temporal dimensions. Ideally, this process brings together design and pedagogy to move students through their online writing work successfully. Institutionally mandated LMS platforms often constrain this process. This article establishes three design principles and concepts for(More)
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