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IGF binding protein-5 (IGFBP-5) modulates the availability of IGF-I to its receptor and potentiates the intestinotrophic action of IGF-I. Our aim was to test the hypothesis that stimulation of intestinal growth due to coinfusion of IGF-I with total parenteral nutrition (TPN) solution is dependent on increased expression of IGFBP-5 through conducting our(More)
The role of enteral or parenteral long-chain triacylglycerol (LCT) in the complex process of intestinal adaptation is poorly defined and may involve alterations in eicosanoid synthesis. Our objective was to determine whether provision of parenteral LCT stimulates eicosanoid synthesis and resection-induced intestinal adaptation. We assessed small bowel(More)
Background: Neonatal vitamin A (VA) supplementation is being evaluated as a public health policy for preventing infant mortality, but inconsistencies in mortality trials demand mechanistic work to determine biological plausibility.Objectives: We investigated the absorption, distribution, and storage of single large oral VA doses administered shortly after(More)
The relationship of dietary vitamin A transfer from mother to fetus is not well understood. The difference in swine offspring liver reserves was investigated between single-dose vitamin A provided to the mother post-conception compared with continuous provitamin A carotenoid dietary intake from biofortified (enhanced provitamin A) orange maize (OM) fed(More)
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