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Zebrafish (Danio rerio) are rapidly gaining popularity in translational neuroscience and behavioral research. Physiological similarity to mammals, ease of genetic manipulations, sensitivity to pharmacological and genetic factors, robust behavior, low cost, and potential for high-throughput screening contribute to the growing utility of zebrafish models in(More)
Serotonin syndrome (SS) is a serious life-threatening disorder associated with elevated brain serotonergic function. With the growing use of serotonergic drugs, SS affects a large portion of general population, becoming a major biomedical concern. SS-like behaviors have also been reported in animals following administration of serotonergic drugs. Although(More)
A metabolite of the kynurenine pathway, kynurenic acid (KYNA) is an important endogenous neuromodulator and neuroprotector, that also exerts neurotropic effects following exogenous administration. In humans and animals, KYNA regulates affective and cognitive responses, acting mainly as an antagonist of glutamatergic receptors. However, the complete(More)
<italic>CoDecide is an experimental user interface toolkit that offers an extension to spreadsheet concepts specifically geared towards support for cooperative analysis of the kinds of multi-dimensional data encountered in data warehousing. It is distinguished from previous proposals by direct support for drill-down/roll-up analysis without redesign of an(More)
Negotiation in cooperative modeling environments requires stakeholders to achieve a shared understanding while maintaining their own interpretation, in order to achieve creative design solutions. Complementing meeting oriented groupware systems which continuously enforce a central group perspective, we present an q-preach thar maintains multiple(More)
In this demonstration, we show three interrelated tools intended to improve different aspects of the quality of data warehouse solutions. Firstly, the deductive object manager ConceptBase is intended to enrich the semantics of data warehouse solutions by including an explicit enterprise-centered concept of quality. The positive impact of precise(More)
Widely used in biomedical research, zebrafish (Danio rerio) are steadily gaining popularity as a model organism for studying neurobehavioral phenomena. Here, we focus on to the growing spectrum of zebrafish behavioral phenotypes and the 'bigger' biological problems these models help to address. Emphasizing the developing potential of zebrafish as a model(More)
UNLABELLED The increasing emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacterial pathogens represents a serious risk to human health and the entire health care system. Many currently circulating strains of Acinetobacter baumannii exhibit resistance to multiple antibiotics. A key limitation in combating A. baumannii is that our understanding of the molecular mechanisms(More)
In 2001 the RWTH Aachen University introduced an online directory for course and study organisation. Since then numerous additional administrative processes such as an online examination office, web-based procurement of hardware, and course evaluation had been integrated into the CAMPUS Information System (http://www.campus.rwth-aachen.de). IT support for(More)