Michael J.G. Farthing

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BACKGROUND Linear growth retardation is a frequent complication of inflammatory bowel disease in children. The precise mechanisms causing growth failure are not known. AIMS To determine the relative contribution of reduced calorie intake and inflammation to linear growth delay and to determine the effect of inflammation on the(More)
BACKGROUND beta-Defensins are a newly identified family of antimicrobial peptides that are expressed by epithelia on mucosal surfaces where their production is augmented by infection or inflammation. Helicobacter pylori colonises the gastric epithelium causing persistent gastric inflammation leading to antral and corpus gastritis, and peptic ulcer disease.(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Phospholipase activity may play a role in the pathogenicity of Helicobacter pylori. Furthermore, some drugs that are effective against H. pylori infection are phospholipase inhibitors. Scrutiny of the H. pylori 26695 genome sequence revealed the presence of a putative protein with homology to Esherichia coli outer membrane phospholipase A(More)
Despite rapid progress in understanding the biology of Giardia, several questions remain unanswered. First, there is no adequate explanation for the diverse clinical spectrum of giardiasis. Second, the mechanisms by which Giardia produces diarrhea and malabsorption are poorly understood, although some progress has been made. Finally, despite extensive(More)
Although there has been extensive investigation of the biochemical consequences of the interactions between bacterial enterotoxins and intestinal epithelial cells and the mechanisms by which they induce intestinal secretion, relatively little attention has been given to other aspects of the host response to these enterotoxins. There is now compelling(More)
We have shown previously that the capacity of the jejunal mucosa to oxidise testosterone to the weaker androgen, androstenedione, by the enzyme 17 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (17 beta-HSD), is considerable. The present study extends these earlier observations by measuring 17 beta-HSD activity in different regions of the gastrointestinal tract, by(More)
In four crowded townships of Lusaka, Zambia, the prevalence of cryptosporidiosis in 222 children with diarrhea was 18%, with marked temporal and geographic variation over the course of one rainy season. Using data on the finding of oocysts of Cryptosporidium parvum in urban water supplies, the areas under study were categorized as high or low risk.(More)
The mechanisms by which the human enteric pathogen Giardia lamblia colonizes the proximal small intestine are poorly understood. Although the parasite possesses an attachment organelle on its ventral surface, the "sucking" disk, we considered that like many bacteria and some protozoa, G. lamblia might also have a surface membrane-associated modality for(More)
Hemolysins have been found to possess a variety of functions in bacteria, including a role in virulence. Helicobacter pylori demonstrates hemolytic activity when cultured on unlysed blood agar plates which is increased under iron-limiting conditions. However, the role of an H. pylori hemolysin in virulence is unclear. Scrutiny of the H. pylori 26695 genome(More)