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— Existing work on programmable self-assembly has focused on deterministic performance guarantees—stability of desirable states. In particular, for any acyclic target graph a binary rule set can be synthesized such that the target graph is the uniquely stable assembly. If the number of agents is finite, communication and consensus algorithms are necessary(More)
Intravenous naloxone has been claimed to produce pain relief in opioid-resistant central post-stroke pain (CPSP, 'thalamic syndrome'). In a double-blind trial, carried out in 20 patients with established CPSP, naloxone (up to 8 mg in 20 ml vehicle) was tested against normal saline; each patient was randomly given naloxone or saline and the other substance 2(More)
We present maps, source lists and derived number counts from the largest, unbiased, extragalactic submillimetre (submm) survey so far undertaken with the SCUBA camera on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT). Our maps are located in two regions of sky (ELAIS N2 and Lockman-Hole E) and cover 260 arcmin 2 , to a typical rms noise level of s 850. 2:5 mJy(More)
We analyze a novel model of the co-evolution of linguistic community structure and language. Intuitively, agents want to communicate well with others in their linguistic community, and similarly , linguistic communities consist of those agents that can communicate effectively amongst themselves. Absent the effects of comunity structure, the model suffers(More)
In distributed self-assembly, a multitude of nodes, or agents, seek to form copies of a given target graph. The target graph is identified as the vertices of a labeled graph. Agents encounter each other in spontaneous pairwise interactions and decide whether or not to form or sever edges based on their two labels and a fixed set of local interaction rules(More)
We study an atomic signaling game under stochastic evolutionary dynamics. There are a finite number of players who repeatedly update from a finite number of available languages/signaling strategies. Players imitate the most fit agents with high probability or mutate with low probability. We analyze the long-run distribution of states and show that, for(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the efficacy of a probiotic yogurt compared to a pasteurised yogurt for the prevention of antibiotic-associated diarrhoea in children. DESIGN AND SETTING This was a multisite, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial conducted between September 2009 and 2012. The study was conducted through general practices and(More)