Michael J. Ellenbecker

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Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are being researched worldwide to create countless new technologies [1,2], including transistors , solar cells, biomaterials, and hybrid advanced composites [3–7]. Concerns exist about the possibility of nanoscale particle release, notably release of CNTs and catalyst particles , during CNT growth and subsequent handling and(More)
This study investigated airborne exposures to nanoscale particles and fibers generated during dry and wet abrasive machining of two three-phase advanced composite systems containing carbon nanotubes (CNTs), micron-diameter continuous fibers (carbon or alumina), and thermoset polymer matrices. Exposures were evaluated with a suite of complementary(More)
Exothermic or heated processes create potentially unsafe work environments for an estimated 5-10 million American workers each year. Excessive heat and process contaminants have the potential to cause acute health effects such as heat stroke, and chronic effects such as manganism in welders. Although millions of workers are exposed to exothermic processes,(More)
its foreign-language materials are faithful translations of their original English-language counterparts. Please report any problems or discrepancies to hu1@ niehs.nih.gov. Dada la ausencia de claridad científica sobre los efectos potenciales sobre la salud de la exposición ocupacional a las nanopartículas, se requiere de orientación para la toma de(More)
1 Review Les sciences et technologies ont identifié des propriétés uniques aux matériaux dont les dimensions se situent dans une plage de 1 à 100 nm [Health and Safety Executive (HSE) 2004; National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) 2004]. Ces propriétés peuvent générer de nombreux avantages sociaux à grande por-tée, mais elles peuvent aussi constituer des(More)
BACKGROUND Source reduction, defined as chemical, equipment and process changes that intervene in an industrial process to eliminate or reduce hazards, has not figured as a front-line strategy for the protection of workers' health. Such initiatives are popular for environmental protection, but their feasibility and effectiveness as an industrial hygiene(More)
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