Michael J. Docherty

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The University of Queensland has recently established a new design-focused, studio-based computer science degree. The <i>Bachelor of Information Environments</i> degree augments the core courses from the University's standard CS degree with a stream of design courses and integrative studio-based projects undertaken every semester. The studio projects(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Protein tyrosine phosphatase N2 (PTPN2) has been identified as a Crohn's disease (CD) candidate gene. However, a role for PTPN2 in the pathogenesis of CD has not been identified. Increased permeability of the intestinal epithelium is believed to contribute prominently to CD. The aim of this study was to determine a possible role for PTPN2(More)
This paper presents a comprehensive study to find the most efficient bitrate requirement to deliver mobile video that optimizes bandwidth, while at the same time maintains good user viewing experience. In the study, forty participants were asked to choose the lowest quality video that would still provide for a comfortable and long-term viewing experience,(More)
Pain is a common complaint in inflammatory bowel disease, and it has significant consequences for patients' quality of life. A thorough evaluation to determine the source of patients' pain should include clinical, laboratory, radiologic, and endoscopic assessments as indicated. Differentiating among active inflammation, secondary complications, and(More)
In mobile videos, small viewing size and bitrate limitation often cause unpleasant viewing experiences, which is particularly important for fast-moving sports videos. For optimizing the overall user experience of viewing sports videos on mobile phones, this paper explores the benefits of emphasizing Region of Interest (ROI) by 1) zooming in and 2) enhancing(More)
Linaclotide, a synthetic guanylyl cyclase C (GC-C) agonist, and the prostone analog, Lubiprostone, are approved to manage chronic idiopathic constipation and constipation-predominant irritable bowel syndrome. Lubiprostone also protects intestinal mucosal barrier function in ischemia. GC-C signaling regulates local fluid balance and other components of(More)
Since users have become the focus of product/service design in last decade, the term User eXperience (UX) has been frequently used in the field of Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI). Research on UX facilitates a better understanding of the various aspects of the user’s interaction with the product or service. Mobile video, as a new and promising service and(More)
The increase of powerful mobile devices has accelerated the demand for mobile videos. Previous studies in mobile video have focused on understanding of mobile video usage, improvement of video quality, and user interface design in video browsing. However, research focusing on a deep understanding of users' needs for a pleasing quality delivery of mobile(More)
In this paper, we describe on-going work on mobile banking customization, particularly in the Australian context. The use of user-defined tags to facilitate personalized interactions in the mobile context is explored. The aim of this research is to find ways to improve mobile banking interaction. Customization is more significant in the mobile context than(More)
In this paper, we describe ongoing work on online banking customization with a particular focus on interaction. The scope of the study is confined to the Australian banking context where the lack of customization is apparent. This paper puts forward the notion of using tags to facilitate personalized interactions in online banking. We argue that tags can(More)