Michael J Crawford

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Parasitic nematodes that cause elephantiasis and river blindness threaten hundreds of millions of people in the developing world. We have sequenced the approximately 90 megabase (Mb) genome of the human filarial parasite Brugia malayi and predict approximately 11,500 protein coding genes in 71 Mb of robustly assembled sequence. Comparative analysis with the(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the potentially severe impact of bile leakage on patients' perioperative and long-term outcome, a commonly used definition of this complication after hepatobiliary and pancreatic operations has not yet been established. The aim of the present article is to propose a uniform definition and severity grading of bile leakage after(More)
Annotations of audio files can be used to search and index music and sound databases, provide data for system evaluation, and generate training data for machine learning. Unfortunately, the cost of obtaining a comprehensive set of annotations manually is high. One way to lower the cost of labeling is to create games with a purpose that people will(More)
BACKGROUND Posthepatectomy liver failure is a feared complication after hepatic resection and a major cause of perioperative mortality. There is currently no standardized definition of posthepatectomy liver failure that allows valid comparison of results from different studies and institutions. The aim of the current article was to propose a definition and(More)
A central hypothesis for the limited capacity for adult central nervous system (CNS) axons to regenerate is the presence of myelin-derived axon growth inhibitors, the role of which, however, remains poorly understood. We have conducted a comprehensive genetic analysis of the three major myelin inhibitors, Nogo, MAG, and OMgp, in injury-induced axonal(More)
Apicomplexan parasites harbor a single nonphotosynthetic plastid, the apicoplast, which is essential for parasite survival. Exploiting Toxoplasma gondii as an accessible system for cell biological analysis and molecular genetic manipulation, we have studied how these parasites ensure that the plastid and its 35-kb circular genome are faithfully segregated(More)
BACKGROUND Aggressive challenging behaviour is frequently reported in adults with intellectual disability and it is often treated with antipsychotic drugs. However, no adequate evidence base for this practice exists. We compared flexible doses of haloperidol (a typical, first-generation antipsychotic drug), risperidone (an atypical, second-generation(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the effects of involving patients in the planning and development of health care. DATA SOURCES Published and grey literature. STUDY SELECTION Systematic search for worldwide reports written in English between January 1966 and October 2000. DATA EXTRACTION Qualitative review of papers describing the effects of involving patients in(More)
The discovery of a plastid in Plasmodium, Toxoplasma and related protozoan parasites provides a satisfying resolution to several long-standing mysteries: the mechanism of action for various surprisingly effective antibiotics; the subcellular location of an enigmatic 35 kb episomal DNA; and the nature of an unusual intracellular structure containing multiple(More)