Michael J Conneely

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Integrins in effector T cells are highly expressed and important for trafficking of these cells and for their effector functions. However, how integrins are regulated in effector T cells remains poorly characterized. Here, we have investigated effector T cell leukocyte function-associated antigen-1 (LFA-1) regulation in primary murine effector T cells.(More)
Rotating mirror systems based on the Miller Principle are a mainstay modality for ultra-high speed imaging within the range 1-25 million frames per second. Importantly, the true temporal accuracy of observations recorded in such cameras is sensitive to the framing rate that the system directly associates with each individual data acquisition. The purpose(More)
Scanning probe microscopy facilitates high-resolution noninvasive imaging of surface topography on even the most delicate of biological structures. Moreover, the local probe nature of the instrument architecture lends itself to the measurement of many important physical properties. To date, biological investigations have largely been constrained to imaging(More)
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