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—A comparative performance study of seven pitch detection algorithms was conducted. A speech data base, consisting of eight utterances spoken by three males, three females, and one child was constructed. Telephone, close talking microphone, and wideband recordings were made of each of the utterances. For each of the utterances in the data base; a "standard"(More)
Recognizing emotions from speech is a tuff task as we are not aware of the features which will accurately classify the emotions. This paper is an approach to show which speech feature classifies the emotions more accurately. The features compared here are Pitch and Formant while the classifier used is Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA). The database used in(More)
Factor XIII deficiency is a rare inherited coagulopathy. Factor XIII is the last clotting factor in the coagulation cascade to insure strength and stability to fibrin clots. Without this enzyme, the fibrous clot is unstable and nonresistant to fibrinolysis. Gravid women with this congenital disease are especially at risk for complications including(More)
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