Michael J. Brennan

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This article analyses and quanti®es the costs of suboptimal decision making for an investor with a multi-period horizon. In light of the empirical evidence that investors are too conservative and hold portfolios that are insuf®ciently diversi®ed, we evaluate the costs of suboptimal equity participation both analytically and using simulation, and also(More)
Adherence to mammalian host tissues is an important virulence trait in microbial pathogenesis, yet little is known about the adherence mechanisms of mycobacteria. Here, we show that binding of mycobacteria to epithelial cells but not to macrophages can be specifically inhibited by sulfated carbohydrates. Using heparin-Sepharose chromatography, a 28-kD(More)
ESX-5 is one of the five type VII secretion systems found in mycobacteria. These secretion systems are also known as ESAT-6-like secretion systems. Here, we have determined the secretome of ESX-5 by a proteomic approach in two different strains of Mycobacterium marinum. Comparison of the secretion profile of wild-type strains and their ESX-5 mutants showed(More)
In this paper we present new empirical evidence on the agency based asset pricing model of Brennan (1993). We find strong evidence that in the recent period stocks whose returns covary more with the idiosyncratic component of the S&P500 return have significantly lower returns, holding constant either the market beta or the loadings on the Fama-French(More)
Tuberculosis remains the world's leading cause of death due to a single infectious agent, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, with 3 million deaths and 10 million new cases per year. The infection initiates in the lungs and can then spread rapidly to other tissues. The availability of the entire M. tuberculosis genome sequence and advances in gene disruption(More)
Although post-translational modifications of protein antigens may be important componenets of some B cell epitopes, the determinants of T cell immunity are generally nonmodified peptides. Here we show that methylation of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis heparin-binding hemagglutinin (HBHA) by the bacterium is essential for effective T cell immunity to this(More)
Identification of the novel PE multigene family was an unexpected finding of the genomic sequencing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Presently, the biological role of the PE and PE_PGRS proteins encoded by this unique family of mycobacterial genes remains unknown. In this report, a representative PE_PGRS gene (Rv1818c/PE_PGRS33) was selected to investigate(More)
Sequencing of the entire genome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis identified a novel multigene family composed of two closely related subfamilies designated PE and PE_PGRS. The major difference between these two families is the presence of a domain containing numerous Gly-Ala repeats extending to the C terminus of the PE_PGRS genes. We have used a(More)
Bordetella pertussis, the etiologic agent of whooping cough, produces an outer membrane-associated filamentous hemagglutinin (FHA) which is the major adhesin of this organism. FHA exhibits a lectin-like activity for heparin and dextran sulfate. By using in vitro adherence assays to cultured epithelial cells, the attachment of B. pertussis was reduced in the(More)