Michael J. Bowers

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Magic-sized cadmium selenide (CdSe) nanocrystals have been pyrolytically synthesized. These ultra-small nanocrystals exhibit broadband emission (420-710 nm) that covers most of the visible spectrum while not suffering from self absorption. This behavior is a direct result of the extremely narrow size distribution and unusually large Stokes shift (40-50 nm).(More)
Field and laboratory studies were conducted for 3 years on the yellowtail rockfish,Sebastes flavidus, from Cordell Bank, California, in order to characterize the reproduction of this species whose northern stocks have declined. Research findings included reversal of the sex ratios and male-female ages and sizes at age throughout the annual cycle, heavier(More)
Recently, there has been great interest in developing direct white-light phosphors for solid state lighting. Current commercial white light emitting diodes (LEDs) rely on complicated fabrication methods to produce white light. Utilizing magic-sized, white-light emitting cadmium selenide (CdSe) nanocrystals as a direct white-light phosphor eliminates the(More)
The exciton dynamics of CdSe nanocrystals are intimately linked to the surface morphology. Photo-oxidation of the selenium surfaces of the nanocrystal leads to an increase in radiative decay efficiency from both the band edge and deep trap emission states. The addition of the primary amine hexadecylamine curtails nonradiative excitonic decay attributed to(More)
White-light emission from ultrasmall CdSe nanocrystals offers an alternative approach to the realization of solid-state lighting as an appealing technology for consumers. Unfortunately, their extremely small size limits the feasibility of traditional methods for nanocrystal characterization. This paper reports the first images of their structure, which were(More)
Alloy nanocrystals provide an additional degree of freedom in selecting desirable properties for nanoscale engineering because their physical and optical properties depend on both size and composition. We report the pyrolytic synthesis of homogeneously alloyed CdS(x)Se(1-x) nanocrystals in all proportions. The nanocrystals are characterized using UV-visible(More)
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