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In automatic graph drawing a given graph has to be layed-out in the plane, usually according to a number of topological and aesthetic constraints. Nice drawings for sparse nonplanar graphs can be achieved by determining a maximum planar subgraph and augmenting an embedding of this graph. This approach appears to be of limited value in practice, because the(More)
SUMMARY The development of new mathematical theory and its application in software systems for the solution of hard optimization problems have a long tradition in mathematical programming. In this tradition we implemented ABACUS, an object-oriented software framework for branch-and-cut-and-price algorithms for the solution of mixed integer and combinatorial(More)
In this article we consider a variant of the classical asymmetric traveling salesman problem (ATSP), namely the ATSP in which precedence constraints require that certain nodes must precede certain other nodes in any feasible directed tour. This problem occurs as a basic model in scheduling and routing and has a wide range of applications varying from(More)