Michael Ioerger

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Several smartphone applications (apps) designed to help men who have sex with men (MSM) find casual sexual partners have appeared on the market recently. Apps of this nature have the potential to impact sexual health and behavior by providing constant access to a large supply of available partners. In this study, the sexual health history, behavior, and(More)
Gender-variant-based victimization is victimization based on the way others perceive an individual to convey masculine, feminine, and androgynous characteristics through their appearance, mannerisms, and behaviors. Previous work identifies gender-variant-based victimization as a risk factor for health-risking outcomes among same-sex attracted youths. The(More)
There are errors in Table 6, " Results of logistic regression models to test hypothesis 2 and 3. " Please see the corrected Table 6 here. In addition, the authors have provided an updated S1 File, as the original file includes data for variables unrelated to this article. Please view the corrected file below. S1 File. This is the Dataset File. This file(More)
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