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As multicore architectures enter the mainstream, there is a pressing demand for high-level programming models that can effectively map to them. Stream programming offers an attractive way to expose coarse-grained parallelism, as streaming applications (image, video, DSP, etc.) are naturally represented by independent filters that communicate over explicit(More)
With the increasing miniaturization of transistors, wire delays are becoming a dominant factor in microprocessor performance. To address this issue, a number of emerging architectures contain replicated processing units with software-exposed communication between one unit and another (e.g., Raw, SmartMemories, TRIPS). However, for their use to be(More)
—We present DroidSafe, a static information flow analysis tool that reports potential leaks of sensitive information in Android applications. DroidSafe combines a comprehensive, accurate, and precise model of the Android runtime with static analysis design decisions that enable the DroidSafe analyses to scale to analyze this model. This combination is(More)
Streaming programs represent an increasingly important and widespread class of applications that holds unprecedented opportunities for high-impact compiler technology. Unlike sequential programs with obscured dependence information and complex communication patterns, a stream program is naturally written as a set of concurrent filters with regular(More)
Commodity graphics hardware has become increasingly programmable over the last few years but has been limited to fixed resource allocation. These architectures handle some workloads well, others poorly; load-balancing to maximize graphics hardware performance has become a critical issue. In this paper, we explore one solution to this problem using(More)
Developers increasingly use streaming languages to write applications that process large volumes of data with high throughput. Unfortunately, when picking which streaming language to use, they face a difficult choice. On the one hand, dynamically scheduled languages allow developers to write a wider range of applications, but cannot take advantage of many(More)
The purpose this study was to provide an understanding of the location of the extensor carpi radialis brevis (ECRB) and its relationship to surgically relevant landmarks. In part I, 20 fresh-frozen cadaveric elbows were dissected, and the anatomic boundaries of the ECRB origin were determined, including its relationship to the extensor carpi radialis(More)