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The shells of most lacustrine gastropods are typically small, weakly calcified, and modestly ornamented to unornamented. Similarly, most lacustrine crabs are usually small detritivores with weak chelae. A number of invertebrate taxa in Lake Tanganyika, however, deviate from these generalities. This study explores a predator-prey coevolution model as an(More)
Radiation as well as mechanical treatments induced in drugs and excipients radicals, which can be studied by electron paramagnetic resonance. A special attention is pointed about the use of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) to bring the proof whether or not a drug has been irradiated or not. We also discuss of other methods (thermoluminescence (TL), gas(More)
The aim of this study was to enhance the low solubility of eflucimibe, a new chemical entity which can be used as medicine to treat dyslipidemiae, by complexation with gamma-cyclodextrin. The complex was prepared using kneading method. The interaction evolution was studied during process by comparison of the semi-solid and physico-chemical states of the(More)
In this paper we describe how the spherical crystallization process by QESD method can be applied to a water-soluble drug, salbutamol sulfate. The type of solvent, antisolvent, and emulsifier and the concentration of emulsifier to be used for the production of spherical particles with a size range 80-500 microm are determined. Furthermore, the(More)
Under the most general conditions of an anisotropic Markov random eld, we model the two-dimensional spatial distribution of microchips on a silicon wafer. The proposed model improves on its predecessors as it stipulates the spatial correlation of different strengths in all eight directions. Its canonical parameters represent the intensity of failures, main(More)
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