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  • Duane J. Seppi, Steve Leppard, Fabio Cannizzo, Deepankar Biswas, Sailesh Ramamurtie, Aram Sogomonian +13 others
  • 2016
Description: This multi-author title that focuses on both the fundamentals of real options, and the very latest practical approaches for their application in the energy industry.-Designed to specifically aid valuation and investment decision-making within the energy industry-Brings together the leading practitioners, consultants and academics from the(More)
Under the most general conditions of an anisotropic Markov random eld, we model the two-dimensional spatial distribution of microchips on a silicon wafer. The proposed model improves on its predecessors as it stipulates the spatial correlation of different strengths in all eight directions. Its canonical parameters represent the intensity of failures, main(More)
By means of neutron interferometry the s-wave neutron scattering length of the (3)He nucleus was re-measured at the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL). Using a skew symmetrical perfect crystal Si-interferometer and a linear twin chamber cell, false phase shifts due to sample misalignment were reduced to a negligible level. Simulation calculations suggest an(More)
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