Michael Hulme

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Exploring the implications for social identity of the new sociology of the mobile phone. Abstract '… the cellular telephone, merely the first wave of an imminent invasion of portable digital communications tools to come, will undoubtedly lead to fundamental transformations in individuals' perceptions of self and the world, and consequently the way they(More)
The authors suggest that iTV formats should be considered as social and psychological environments within a narrative discourse phenomenology. This is discussed in the light of more traditional usability research and in specific relation to the BSkyB and Canal+ Pilotime formats. Research carried out by BSkyB shows increasing levels of interactive(More)
Rapport accepté par le Groupe de travail I du GIEC mais non approuvé dans le détail Contribution du Groupe de travail I au troisième rapport d'évaluation du Groupe d'experts intergouvernemental sur l'évolution du climat Table des matières avec des contributions de nombreux auteurs et réviseurs.
An experiment was carried out in the pigeon to assess the effects of sodium amylobarbitone (SAB) on memory, using a delayed pair comparison task. Performance was disrupted at all delays by doses of 10 and 20 mg/kg SAB and it was concluded that this effect was not due to perceptual impairment or stereotyped responding, which the drug might have caused, since(More)
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