Michael Hower

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EXPERIMENTAL OBJECTIVES In vivo imaging of GLP-1 receptor-positive tissues may allow examination of physiologic and pathophysiologic processes. Based on the GLP-1 analog Exendin 4, we have developed a radiolabeled compound specifically targeting the GLP-1 receptor (DTPA-Lys40-Exendin 4). This work aims to detect GLP-1 receptor-positive tissues by(More)
OBJECTIVE As its central basis for research, the Competence Network for HIV/AIDS (KompNet) established a nationwide cohort study on HIV-positive patients being in medical care in Germany. In this paper, we describe the epidemiological composition, and clinical as well as treatment characteristics of the KompNet cohort over time. METHODS The KompNet cohort(More)
Purpose of the study Optimal time of HAART initiation is still unknown. Several studies investigating this issue showed inconsistent results. Our study investigated whether there is a clinical benefit as to treated patients (pts) by an earlier start of therapy at CD4 between 350-449c/µl, compared to the range of 250-349c/µl. An analysis was conducted on(More)
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