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To interpret our environment, we integrate information from all our senses. For moving objects, auditory and visual motion signals are correlated and provide information about the speed and the direction of the moving object. We investigated at what level the auditory and the visual modalities interact and whether the human brain integrates only motion(More)
We investigated the extent to which auditory and visual motion signals are combined when observers are asked to predict the location of a virtually moving target. In Condition 1, the unimodal and bimodal signals were noisy, but the target object was continuously visible and audible; in Condition 2, the virtually moving object was hidden (invisible and(More)
The Ca(2+)-selective TRPV6 as well as the L-type Ca(2+) channel are regulated by the Ca(2+)-binding protein calmodulin (CaM). Here, we investigated the interaction of CaM with rat (r)TRPV6 in response to alterations of intracellular Ca(2+), employing Ca(2+)-imaging and patch-clamp techniques. Additionally, confocal Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET)(More)
Fast digital timing simulations based on continuous-time, digital-value circuit models are an attractive and heavily used alternative to analog simulations. Models based on analytic delay formulas are particularly interesting here, as they also facilitate formal verification and delay bound synthesis of complex circuits. Recently, Függer et al.(More)
Keywords: Asynchronous digital design Radiation fault-tolerance Single-event transients Single-event upsets LFSR counters Elastic pipelines Muller C-elements TCAD models Spice models SET injection experiments Ion beam radiation a b s t r a c t We present the architecture and a detailed pre-fabrication analysis of a digital measurement ASIC facilitating(More)
ϕ ϕ ϕ + = obj d Figure 1. TOF distance measurement priciple. Abstract—In this paper we present an FPGA based characterization system for our 3D TOF distance sensors supporting up to 128 × 128 pixels. The system is capable of flexibly generating all control signals required for a typical TOF measurement. Their properties can be changed within a very broad(More)
—In this paper a noise model for phototransistors is presented. Noise measurements and Gummel measurements on four different phototransistors were performed to verify the noise model. In addition, the output noise current density was modeled and compared with the measurements. A maximum difference of less than 12 % is noticed.