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This paper provides a critical review of firm-level innovation models based on research in the industrially advanced countries (IACs) and draws implications for firms in industrialising countries such as Korea and Taiwan. The paper summarises different categories of innovation model and identifies their achievements and weaknesses, showing how a few(More)
Many of the world's leading firms are developing a new model of industrial organization based on systems integration. Rather than performing all productive tasks in-house, companies are building the capabilities to design and integrate systems, while managing networks of component and subsystem suppliers. This article illustrates how systems integration(More)
the published version and also note that this version might differ slightly from the published version. Abstract The creative destruction of existing industries as a consequence of discontinuous technological change is a central theme in the literature on industrial innovation and technological development. Established competence-based and market-based(More)
and two anonymous reviewers for their very helpful comments on this and earlier drafts. I alone am responsible for the errors that remain. 2 Abstract The extent to which countries are able to innovate and progress technologically depends critically on their innovation system. This system interacts in complex and unique ways to further or hinder innovatory(More)
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