Michael Hoare

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Incompetent veins in the popliteal fossa were assessed with duplex ultrasound in 123 legs of 104 patients. In 91 cases the venous reflux was the result of a single incompetent vein draining into the deep system. In 32 cases duplex ultrasound demonstrated a combination of incompetent veins. With the exception of 3 patients duplex scanning accurately(More)
The work presented here describes an ultra scale-down (USD) methodology for predicting centrifugal clarification performance in the case of high cell density fermentation broths. Existing USD approaches generated for dilute systems led to a 5- to 10-fold overprediction of clarification performance when applied to such high cell density feeds. This is due to(More)
One hundred fifty patients over the age of 30 who had undergone major abdominal operations were stratified according to the risk of deep venous thrombosis and randomized into three groups to receive different prophylactic regimens: group A, electrical calf stimulation; group B, low-dose subcutaneous heparin; group C, intermittent sequential compression and(More)
Supercoiled circular (SC) plasmid DNA is often subjected to fluid stress in large-scale manufacturing processes. It is thus important to characterize the engineering environment within a particular unit operation as well as within the associated ancillary equipment during process design for plasmid DNA manufacture so as to avoid shear-induced degradation of(More)
OBJECTIVE The successful preparation of cells for therapy depends on the characterization of causal factors affecting cell quality. Ultra scale-down methods are used to characterize cells in terms of their response to process engineering causal factors of hydrodynamic shear stress and time. This response is in turn characterized in terms of causal factors(More)
OBJECTIVES Perioperative ischaemic stroke is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality associated with carotid endarterectomy (CEA). The aim was to test the hypotheses that the detection of microembolic ultrasonic signals (MES) with transcranial Doppler ultrasound (TCD) during and after the operation may be of value in identifying patients at increased(More)
One hundred fifty patients undergoing carotid endarterectomy were randomly assigned to receive intravenous 10% dextran 40 or placebo. Transcranial Doppler monitoring of the ipsilateral middle cerebral artery 0 to 1 hour postoperatively detected embolic signals in 57% of placebo and 42% of dextran patients, with overall embolic signal counts 46% less for(More)
The invention of novel drugs based on biological macromolecules requires the development of specialized formulation methods. Supercritical fluid technology offers the possibility to produce dry powder formulations suitable for inhalation or needle-free injection. In this article we describe the first application of a process involving supercritical carbon(More)
The availability of large numbers of units of artificial arteries would offer significant benefits to the clinical management of bypass surgery. Tissue engineering offers the potential of providing vessels that can mimic the morphology, function, and physiological environment of native vessels. Ideally this would involve culturing stem cells in vitro within(More)
The effect of local controlled cooling on the digital systolic blood pressure in the hand was studied in 25 healthy volunteers and 25 patients with Raynaud's syndrome. Arterial systolic pressure was indirectly measured using a digital cuff over the proximal phalanx and a photoplethysmographic probe over the digital pulp to detect pulsation. Pressures were(More)