Michael Ho-Ming Chan

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Congenital glioblastoma (cGBM) is an uncommon tumor of infancy with a reported variable but often poor cure rate, even with intensive therapy. Five patients with cGBMs, arising de novo and not in familial tumor predisposition kindreds, were studied for histological and biological features, using Affymetrix microarray. Tumors were large, often associated(More)
BACKGROUND There is no reliable clinical test to predict the reversibility of acute-on-chronic renal failure. We study whether urinary biomarkers could be used as a noninvasive prognostic marker in patients with acute-on-chronic renal failure. METHODS We studied 39 adult patients with pre-existing chronic renal impairment presenting to us with(More)
BACKGROUND Circulating bacterial DNA fragment is related to systemic inflammatory state in peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients. We hypothesize that plasma bacterial DNA level predicts cardiovascular events in new PD patients. METHODS We measured plasma bacterial DNA level in 191 new PD patients, who were then followed for at least a year for the development(More)
PURPOSE As the morbidity and mortality associated with communicable diseases continue to decrease in the developing world, the medical burden of childhood cancer continues to expand. Although international aid and relief groups such as the World Health Organization recognize the importance of childhood cancer, their main emphasis is on the more easily(More)
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