Michael Hicks

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Applications that manipulate sensitive information should ensure end-to-end security by satisfying two properties: sound execution and some form of noninterference. By the former, we mean the program should always perform actions in keeping with its current policy, and by the latter we mean that these actions should never cause high-security information to(More)
In disaster and combat situations, mobile cameras and other sensors transmit real-time data, used by many operators or analysis tools. Unfortunately, in the face of limited, unreliable resources, and varying demands, not all users may be able to get the fidelity they require. This paper describes MediaNet, a distributed stream processing system designed(More)
Software evolves to fix bugs and add features, but stopping and restarting existing programs to take advantage of these changes can be inconvenient and costly. Dynamic software updating (DSU) addresses these problems by updating programs while they run. The challenge is to develop DSU infrastructure that is flexible, safe, and efficient—DSU should enable(More)
We present the load-calculus, used to model dynamic loading, and prove it sound. The calculus extends the polymorphic λ-calculus with a load primitive that dynamically loads terms that are closed, with respect to values. The calculus is meant to approximate the process of dynamic loading in TAL/Load [4], an version of Typed Assembly Language [7] extending(More)
Genetic factors modifying the blood metabolome have been investigated through genome-wide association studies (GWAS) of common genetic variants and through exome sequencing. We conducted a whole-genome sequencing study of common, low-frequency and rare variants to associate genetic variations with blood metabolite levels using comprehensive metabolite(More)
Title of Dissertation: THE MEASUREMENT MANAGER: MODULAR AND EFFICIENT END-TO-END MEASUREMENT SERVICES Pavlos Papageorgiou, Doctor of Philosophy, 2008 Directed by: Associate Professor Michael Hicks Department of Computer Science Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering End-to-end network measurement is used to improve the precision, efficiency, and(More)
If any bug has achieved celebrity status, it is the buffer overflow. It made front-page news as early as 1987, as the enabler of the Morris worm, the first worm to spread through the Internet. In recent years, attacks exploiting buffer overflows have become more frequent, and more virulent. This year, for example, the Witty worm was released to the wild(More)
Active Networks o er the ability to program the network on a per-router, per-user, or even per-packet basis. Unfortunately, this added programmability compromises the security of the system by allowing a wider range of potential attacks. Any feasible Active Network architecture therefore requires strong security guarantees. Of course, we would like these(More)