Michael Hickey

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A class of graphs whose vertices represent certain combinatorial configurations and whose edges represent minimal changes is defined. A Hamilton path through such a graph indicates the existence of a minimal change algorithm for generating the configurauons. Necessary and suffioent conditions for the existence of Hamilton paths are given for this class of(More)
The effect of an ionospheric dynamo electric field on the electron density and total electron content (TEC) perturbations in the F layer (150–600 km altitudes) is investigated at two arbitrarily selected locations (noted as 29 • N and 60 • N in latitudes) in the presence of seismic tsunami-excited gravity waves propagating in a stratified, nondissipative(More)
Tsunamis have been a significant threat to humans living in coastal regions throughout recorded history. The recent tsunami of September 29, 2009 was a tragic reminder of this fact, as the waves caused over 180 deaths on the islands of Samoa, American Samoa, and Apia in the south Pacific. Recent modeling results and observations have demonstrated that the(More)
This article describes the organization, curriculum, and outcomes for New Stories/New Cultures, an activity-based program for after-school enrichment in five schools in the low-income neighborhood near a major American university. The program encourages students (70% Hispanic-American, 30% African-American) to experience themselves as producers of culture,(More)
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