Michael Heusch

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We have constructed a hairpin ribozyme targeted to cleave a conserved sequence in the HIV-1 pol gene. The ribozyme was modified to include a structure-stabilizing tetraloop. In vitro studies revealed a cleavage efficiency unprecedented for hairpin ribozymes (Kcat/Km = 75 min-1 microM-1). Stable retroviral vector transduction of this ribozyme gene in T-cell(More)
A hairpin ribozyme targeting the 3' LTR region (9456) of SIVmac238 was cloned into a murine retroviral vector. This target sequence is conserved among various SIV, as well as most HIV-2, strains. The ribozyme cassette is driven from a polymerase III promoter, that of the human tRNAval gene. Hybrid human B-/T-cell lines (CEM/174) were transduced with the(More)
Evaluation of candidate genes for stem cell gene therapy for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) has been limited by the difficulty of supporting in vitro T-cell differentiation of genetically modified hematopoietic progenitor cells. Using a novel thymic stromal culture technique, we evaluated the ability of a hairpin ribozyme specific for simian(More)
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