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Cultural Intimacy: Social Poetics in the Nation-State
In this new updated edition, Herzfeld includes more discussion about what cultural intimacy has come to mean for other authors and researchers, and how it can contribute to present studies of globalExpand
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The Social Production of Indifference: Exploring the Symbolic Roots of Western Bureaucracy
Herzfeld argues that "modern" bureaucratically regulated societies are no more "rational" or less "symbolic" than the societies traditionally studied by anthropologists. He suggests that we cannotExpand
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The poetics of manhood : contest and identity in a Cretan mountain village
The description for this book, The Poetics of Manhood: Contest and Identity in a Cretan Mountain Village, will be forthcoming.
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A Place in History: Social and Monumental Time in a Cretan Town
Michael Herzfeld describes what happens when a bureaucracy charged with historic conservation clashes with a local populace hostile to the state and suspicious of tourism. Focusing on the Cretan townExpand
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Anthropology : theoretical practice in culture and society
Foreword. Preface. 1. Orientations: Anthropology as a Practice of Theory. 2. Epistemologies. 3. Histories. 4. Economies. 5. Politics. 6. Borders/Nodes/Groupings. 7. Developmentalisms. 8.Expand
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The Absence Presence: Discourses of Crypto-Colonialism
The disciplines of social and cultural anthropology emerged from the ferment of West European world domination as instrument and expression of the colonial project. Although it subsequently turnedExpand
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Modelling the impact of zooplankton grazing on phytoplankton biomass during a dinoflagellate bloom in the Swan River Estuary, Western Australia
Abstract Ingestion rates of zooplankton were measured in the Swan River Estuary and in the laboratory. These data were used together with data from the literature on phytoplankton and zooplanktonExpand
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Honour And Shame: Some Problems In The Comparative Analysis Of Moral Systems
Mediterranean value-systems have been presented as classifications of' honour' and 'shame'. Apart from the issue of whether 'the Mediterranean' necessarily or usefully constitutes a discrete culturalExpand
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The annual cycle of sea surface temperature in the Great Australian Bight
Abstract Analysis of a time series of southern Australian sea surface temperature satellite images for the period March 1990 to September 1991 revealed the existence of a warm water mass in the northExpand
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Evicted from Eternity: The Restructuring of Modern Rome
Modern Rome is a city rife with contradictions. Once the seat of ancient glory, it is now often the object of national contempt. It plays a significant part on the world stage, but the concerns ofExpand
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