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I2P is one of the most widely used anonymizing Peer-to-Peer networks on the Internet today. Like Tor, it uses onion routing to build tunnels between peers as the basis for providing anonymous communication channels. Unlike Tor, I2P integrates a range of anonymously hosted services directly with the platform. This paper presents a new attack on the I2P(More)
We consider FPU-type atomic chains with general convex potentials. The naive continuum limit in the hyperbolic space-time scaling is the p-system of mass and momentum conservation. We systematically compare Riemann solutions to the p-system with numerical solutions to discrete Riemann problems in FPU chains, and argue that the latter can be described by(More)
The LSW model with encounters has been suggested by Lifshitz and Slyozov as a regularization of their classical mean-field model for domain coarsening to obtain universal self-similar long-time behavior. We rigorously establish that an exponentially decaying self-similar solution to this model exist, and show that this solutions is isolated in a certain(More)
BPEL4WS is a well-established business process standard that can be used to orchestrate service-based workflows. However, the rapid growth and automation demands of e-business and grid applications require BPEL4WS to provide enhanced semantic annotations to achieve the goal of business processes automation. Here, OWLS (OWL for Web Services) is designed to(More)
The biological implications of synnre chain neural networks are explored by studying two idealized models. In the rst a network model is proposed with binary ring neurons and parallel updating. This model can be solved exactly in the thermodynamic limit using mean eld theory. An explicit equation for the capacity is obtained. In the second model the(More)
Preserving scalar boundedness is an important prerequisite to performing large-eddy simulations of turbulent reacting flows. A number of popular combustion models use a conserved-scalar, mixture-fraction to parameterize reactions that, by definition, is bound between zero and one. To avoid unphysical clipping, the numerical scheme solving the(More)
We consider infinite FPU-type atomic chains with general convex potentials and study the existence of monotone fronts that are heteroclinic travelling waves connecting constant asymptotic states. Iooss showed that small amplitude fronts bifurcate from convex-concave turning points of the force. In this paper we prove that fronts exist for any asymptotic(More)
We derive Kramers' formula as singular limit of the Fokker-Planck equation with double-well potential. The convergence proof is based on the Rayleigh principle of the underlying Wasser-stein gradient structure and complements a recent result by Peletier, Savaré and Veneroni.
Location-sharing-based services (LSBSs) allow users to share their location with their friends in a sporadic manner. In currently deployed LSBSs users must disclose their location to the service provider in order to share it with their friends. This default disclosure of location data introduces privacy risks. We define the security properties that a(More)