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BPEL4WS is a well-established business process standard that can be used to orchestrate service-based workflows. However, the rapid growth and automation demands of e-business and grid applications require BPEL4WS to provide enhanced semantic annotations to achieve the goal of business processes automation. Here, OWLS (OWL for Web Services) is designed to(More)
I2P is one of the most widely used anonymizing Peer-to-Peer networks on the Internet today. Like Tor, it uses onion routing to build tunnels between peers as the basis for providing anonymous communication channels. Unlike Tor, I2P integrates a range of anonymously hosted services directly with the platform. This paper presents a new attack on the I2P(More)
The biological implications of synnre chain neural networks are explored by studying two idealized models. In the rst a network model is proposed with binary ring neurons and parallel updating. This model can be solved exactly in the thermodynamic limit using mean eld theory. An explicit equation for the capacity is obtained. In the second model the(More)
Delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person's potential is fulfilled. All countries should take steps to meet the family-planning needs of their populations as soon as possible and should, in all cases by the year 2015, seek to provide universal access to a full range of safe and reliable(More)
After the primary anterior-posterior patterning of the neural plate, a subset of wnt signaling molecules including Xwnt-1, Xwnt-2b, Xwnt-3A, Xwnt-8b are still expressed in the developing brain in a region spanning from the posterior part of the diencephalon to the mesencephalon/metencephalon boundary. In this expression field, they are colocalized with the(More)
We consider infinite FPU-type atomic chains with general convex potentials and study the existence of monotone fronts that are heteroclinic travelling waves connecting constant asymptotic states. Iooss showed that small amplitude fronts bifurcate from convex-concave turning points of the force. In this paper we prove that fronts exist for any asymptotic(More)
Various Location Privacy-Preserving Mechanisms (LPPMs) have been proposed in the literature to address the privacy risks derived from the exposure of user locations through the use of Location Based Services (LBSs). LPPMs obfuscate the locations disclosed to the LBS provider using a variety of strategies, which come at a cost either in terms of quality of(More)
Preserving scalar boundedness is an important prerequisite to performing large-eddy simulations of turbulent reacting flows. A number of popular combustion models use a conserved-scalar, mixture-fraction to parameterize reactions that, by definition, is bound between zero and one. To avoid unphysical clipping, the numerical scheme solving the(More)