Michael Hentschel

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A few words on the leitmotif of this thesis: The main examples for Hermitian modular forms come from the classical case, from Hermitian Eisenstein series due to Hel Braun [Br3] or from liftings, see Gritsenko, Ikeda, Krieg, and lots of others. Cohen and Resnikoff [CoRe] introduced the method of constructing modular forms via theta-series to the theory of(More)
This paper classifies the even unimodular lattices that have a structure as a Hermitian O K-lattice of rank r ≤ 12 for rings of integers in imaginary quadratic number fields K of class number 1. The Hermitian theta series of such a lattice is a Hermitian modular form of weight r for the full modular group, therefore we call them theta lattices. For(More)
When spinning particles, such as electrons and photons, undergo spin-orbit coupling, they can acquire an extra phase in addition to the well-known dynamical phase. This extra phase is called the geometric phase (also known as the Berry phase), which plays an important role in a startling variety of physical contexts such as in photonics, condensed matter,(More)
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