Michael Henjum

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A network of in situ sensors and nutrient analyzers was deployed to measure nitrate, specific conductance (surrogate for chloride), and turbidity (surrogate for total suspended solids (TSS)) for 28 days in two urban streams near Minneapolis, MN. The primary objectives of the study were: (1) to determine the accuracy associated with quantifying pollutant(More)
Given a collection of sensors monitoring a flow network, the problem of discovering teleconnected flow anomalies aims to identify strongly connected pairs of events (e.g., introduction of a contaminant and its removal from a river). The ability to mine teleconnected flow anomalies is important for applications related to environmental science, video(More)
Quantification of organic and microbial pollutant loading is expensive and labor-intensive because collection and analysis of grab samples are needed. Instruments are available, however, for in situ analysis of basic water quality parameters at high temporal resolution. Throughout the late summer and fall of 2008 a two-node water quality monitoring network(More)
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