Michael Hendry

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Surfactant protein (SP)-A is a member of the collectin family of proteins. In vitro, SP-A binds influenza A virus (IAV), neutralizes infectivity, and enhances uptake by macrophages. SP-D also binds and neutralizes certain strains of IAV. To determine if SP-A has a role in protecting the intact animal against IAV infection, we inoculated gene-targeted(More)
BACKGROUND The first stages of HIV-1 infection are essential to establish the diversity of virus population within host. It has been suggested that adaptation to host cells and antibody evasion are the leading forces driving HIV evolution at the initial stages of AIDS infection. In order to gain more insights on adaptive HIV-1 evolution, the genetic(More)
There are currently no available options to promote nerve regeneration through chronically denervated distal nerve stumps. Here we used a rat model of delayed nerve repair asking of prior insertion of side-to-side cross-bridges between a donor tibial (TIB) nerve and a recipient denervated common peroneal (CP) nerve stump ameliorates poor nerve regeneration.(More)
The mineralogy and evolution of Al and Mg in U mill tailings are poorly understood. Elemental analyses (ICP-MS) of both solid and aqueous phases show that precipitation of large masses of secondary Al and Mg mineral phases occurs throughout the raffinate neutralization process (pH 1-11) at the Key Lake U mill, Saskatchewan, Canada. Data from a suite of(More)
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