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In this paper, we describe the Vannotea system - an application designed to enable collaborating groups to discuss and annotate collections of high quality images, video, audio or 3D objects. The system has been designed specifically to capture and share scholarly discourse and annotations about multimedia research data by teams of trusted colleagues within(More)
This study found that collaborative language activities in an immersive virtual world improved students' self-efficacy beliefs about their capacity to use Chinese language in a variety of real-life contexts. However, the complex relationship of in-world and real-life interactions, instructional design, construct validity and other critical issues clearly(More)
Electronic questionnaires for pain assessment are becoming increasingly popular. There have been no published reports to establish the equivalence or psychometric properties of common pain questionnaires administered via desktop computers. This study compared responses to paper (P) and touch screen electronic (E) versions of the Short-Form McGill Pain(More)
Before any of the current " agile " development methods, Earned Value Management provided information for planning and controlling complex projects by measuring how much " value " was produced for a given cost in a period of time. One shortcoming of an agile development method is its inability to forecast the future cost and schedule of the project beyond(More)
In this paper we describe a Semantic Grid application designed to enable museums and indigenous communities in distributed locations, to collaboratively discuss, describe, annotate and define the rights associated with objects in museums that originally belonged to or are of cultural or historical significance to indigenous groups. By extending and refining(More)
Thermal interfaces are a new area of research in HCI, with one of their main benefits being the potential to influence emotion. To date, studies investigating thermal feedback for affective interaction have either provided concepts and prototypes, or looked at the affective element of thermal stimuli in isolation. This research is the first to look in-depth(More)
This paper describes the AnnoCryst system-a tool that was designed to enable authenticated collaborators to share online discussions about 3D crystallographic structures through the asynchronous attachment, storage, and retrieval of annotations. Annotations are personal comments, interpretations, questions, assessments, or references that can be attached to(More)