Michael Helmle

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Solid-state nmr spectroscopy provides a robust method for investigating polypeptides that have been prepared by chemical synthesis and that are immobilized by strong interactions with solid surfaces or large macroscopic complexes. Solid-state nmr spectroscopy has been widely used to investigate membrane polypeptides or peptide aggregates such as amyloid(More)
The bacterial proton pump bacteriorhodopsin (BR) is a 26.5 kDa seven-transmembrane helical protein. Several structural models have been published at > or =1.55 A resolution. The initial cis-trans isomerization of the retinal moiety involves structural changes within <1 A. To understand the chromophore-protein interactions that are important for light-driven(More)
We propose a new camera configuration for automotive surround view systems where the criteria for which the camera mountings are optimized is derived not from visualization, but optimal depth measurements. We show that based on special algorithmic processing [1] it is feasible to achieve 3D reconstruction in almost the complete surrounding of the car. In(More)
Vesicles prepared from the microsomal membrane fraction of maize coleoptiles possess an ATP-fueled H+-transport into the vesicles. It is highly possible that the vesicles from the microsomal membrane fraction actually are unchanged, native vesicles (originating from the ER or Golgi-apparatus) that can fuse with the plasmalemma or the vacuole. Therefore,(More)
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