Michael Helmle

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Magic-angle spinning NMR spectra of samples containing dilute spin-1/2 pairs display broadenings or splittings when a rotational resonance condition is satisfied, meaning that a small integer multiple of the spinning frequency matches the difference in the two isotropic shift frequencies. We show experimental rotational resonance NMR spectra of a(More)
We propose a new camera configuration for automotive surround view systems where the criteria for which the camera mountings are optimized is derived not from visualization, but optimal depth measurements. We show that based on special algorithmic processing [1] it is feasible to achieve 3D reconstruction in almost the complete surrounding of the car. In(More)
Rotational resonance phenomena are investigated in the solid-state magic-angle spinning NMR of all-E-[11,20-13C2]-retinal at a magnetic field of 4.7 T. We find good agreement between experiments and numerical simulations for the rotational resonance spectral peakshapes and for the rotor-driven magnetization exchange. The internuclear distance between the(More)
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