Michael Hellenschmidt

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Multimodality allows adaption of human-computer interaction on two different levels: on the one hand different users with different abilities can interact with information technology through a customized configuration of interaction devices supporting their individual needs. On the other hand output can be adapted to user context within different(More)
A middleware for real ad-hoc cooperation of distributed device ensembles must support self-organization of its components. Self-organization means that the independence of the ensembles' components is ensured, that the ensemble is dynamically extensible by new components and that real distributed implementation is possible. Furthermore the data-flow of(More)
The vision of Ambient Intelligence is based on the ubiquity of information technology, the presence of computation, communication, and sensorial capabilities in an unlimited abundance of everyday appliances and environments. But enabling an ensemble of devices to spontaneously act and cooperate coherently requires software technologies that support(More)
This paper describes the user interface and interaction model of a system for Personal Environment Control -- <i>the PECo System</i>. The Personal Environment Controller (PECo) is a digital assistant system that provides the user with a unified facility for organizing and accessing the different media repositories at his disposal and for direct(More)
With the advent of software agents and assistants, the concept of so called conversational user interfaces evolved, incorporating natural language interaction, dialogue management, and anthropomorphic representations. Today's challenge is to build a suitable visualization architecture for anthropomorphic conversational user interfaces, and to design(More)
One of the great research challenges currently facing the Ubicomp community is the development of mechanisms for groups of devices to dynamically coordinate with one another in meaningful ways. This paper presents results of the project DynAMITE, which develops mechanisms for self-organizing device environments. Based on the SodaPop middleware model for(More)