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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The anti-inflammatory effect of low-dose radiotherapy (LD-RT) still is not understood. The adhesion of leukocytes to endothelial cells (EC) of the vessel wall is the initial(More)
PURPOSE Cells undergoing apoptosis contribute to the regulation of activated mononuclear cells (Voll et al. 1997). Low-dose radiotherapy (LD-RT) is known to improve inflammatory symptoms, but the(More)
PURPOSE Radiotherapy is used as a "last resort" for patients with advanced cutaneous malignant melanoma. We have analyzed our 20-year clinical experience with respect to different endpoints and(More)
PURPOSE In vivo data support the effectiveness of pre- and postoperative radiotherapy in suppressing the development of heterotopic ossification after hip surgery. In June 1992 a prospectively(More)
PURPOSE To conduct a randomized trial of radiation therapy for painful heel spur, comparing a standard dose with a very low dose. METHODS AND MATERIALS Sixty-six patients were randomized to receive(More)