Michael Hausser

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We aimed to estimate the number of AMPA receptors (AMPARs) bound by the quantal transmitter packet, their single-channel conductance and their density in the postsynaptic membrane at cerebellar Purkinje cell synapses. The synaptic and extrasynaptic AMPARs were examined in Purkinje cells in 2- to 4-day-old rats, when they receive synaptic inputs solely from(More)
The next grand challenges for society and science are in the brain sciences. A collection of 60+ scientists from around the world, together with 10+ observers from national, private, and foundations, spent two days together discussing the top challenges that we could solve as a global community in the next decade. We eventually settled on three challenges,(More)
Mammalian cerebral cortex is accepted as being critical for voluntary motor control, but what functions depend on cortex is still unclear. Here we used rapid, reversible optogenetic inhibition to test the role of cortex during a head-fixed task in which mice reach, grab, and eat a food pellet. Sudden cortical inhibition blocked initiation or froze execution(More)
  • La Pietra, Florence, David Heeger, Eero Simoncelli, John Hhmi, Reynolds +20 others
  • 2009
Overview A variety of anatomical, physiological, and behavioral evidence suggests that the brain performs computations using modules that are repeated across species, brain areas, and modalities. What are these canonical modules, and how can we elucidate their underlying circuitry and mechanisms? This workshop brought together a group of experimental and(More)
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