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In this paper, we introduce interlinking multimedia (iM), a pragmatic way to apply the linked data principles to fragments of multimedia items. We report on use cases showing the need for retrieving and describing multimedia fragments. We then introduce the principles for interlinking multime-dia in the Web of Data, discussing potential solutions which(More)
Datasets in the LOD cloud are far from being static in their nature and how they are exposed. As resources are added and new links are set, applications consuming the data should be able to deal with these changes. In this paper we investigate how LOD datasets change and what sensible measures there are to accommodate dataset dynamics. We compare our(More)
Statistical data is present everywhere—from governmental bodies to economics, from life-science to industry. With the rise of the Web of Data, the need for sharing, accessing, and using this data has entered a new stage. In order to enable proprietary, closed-world formats, to enter the Web of Data, we propose a framework for modelling and publishing(More)
—While Linked Open Data (LOD) has gained much attention in the recent years, requirements and the challenges concerning its usage from a database perspective are lacking. We argue that such a perspective is crucial for increasing acceptance of LOD. In this paper, we compare the characteristics and constraints of relational databases with LOD, trying to(More)
Semantic Web technologies are around now for a while, already. However, in the development of real-world Web applications these technologies have considerable little impact to date. With linked data this situation has changed dramatically in the past couple of months. This article shows how linked datasets can be exploited to build rich Web applications(More)
The LOD2 Stack is an integrated distribution of aligned tools which support the whole life cycle of Linked Data from extraction , authoring/creation via enrichment, interlinking, fusing to maintenance. The LOD2 Stack comprises new and substantially extended existing tools from the LOD2 project partners and third parties. The stack is designed to be(More)