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This article is concerned with the design and implementation of a system for real time monocular tracking of a moving object using the two degrees of freedom of a camera platform. Figure-ground segregation is based on motion without making any a priori assumptions about the object form. Using only the rst spatiotemporal image derivatives subtraction of the(More)
We consider the problem of constructing a mathematical model for a specific type of marine cooling system. The system in question is used for cooling the main engine and auxiliary components, such as diesel generators, turbo chargers and main engine air coolers for certain classes of container ships. The purpose of the model is to describe the important(More)
Invited Paper There is growing interest in performing aerial surveillance using video cameras. Compared to traditional framing cameras, videos provide the capability to observe ongoing activity within a scene and to automatically control the camera to track the activity. However, the high data rates and relatively small field of view of videos present new(More)
We address an active way of depth estimation using the mechanical degrees of freedom of a stereo vision system. A depth map will be computed in an action-perception cycle by using the control of gaze and vergence of the active system iterately. We apply a phase-based approach to compute disparity maps on diier-ent resolutions. Due to the phase-based(More)
The methodology of eye tracking has been gradually making its way into various fields of science, assisted by the diminishing cost of the associated technology. In an international collaboration to open up the prospect of eye movement research for programming educators, we present a case study on program comprehension and preliminary analyses together with(More)
BACKGROUND Although maintenance care appears to be relatively commonly used among chiropractors, the indications for its use are incompletely understood. A questionnaire survey was recently carried out among Swedish chiropractors in order to identify their choice of various management strategies, including maintenance care. That study revealed a common(More)
Using covert channels, malicious applications on Android-based smartphones are able to subvert the permission system and share data in a potentially untraceable manner. These channels are easy to exploit today, and have enough bandwidth to transmit sensitive information in real-time between collaborating applications. In this paper, we define and implement(More)