Michael Haney

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BACKGROUND The task force on Acute Circulatory Failure of the Scandinavian Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine produced this guideline with recommendations concerning the use of crystalloid vs. colloid solutions in adult critically ill patients with acute circulatory failure. METHODS Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development(More)
Hantaviruses have previously been recognised to cause two separate syndromes: hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in Eurasia, and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) in the Americas. However, increasing evidence suggests that this dichotomy is no longer fruitful when recognising human hantavirus disease and understanding the pathogenesis. Herein are(More)
INTRODUCTION In order to interpret ST-segment changes as an indicator of ischemia in patients with higher heart rates (HRs), the relation between ST-segment levels and HR needs to be well defined in subjects without coronary artery disease. METHODS Eighteen patients with normal ECGs in the catheterization laboratory, after radiofrequency ablation of AV(More)
The electrocardiographic ST segment may change when heart rate (HR) increases. We aimed to analyze vectorcardiographic ST relation and myocardial conditions during controlled HR increases in anesthetized pigs. The relative parameters ST change vector magnitude and ST change vector angle were calculated at paced HRs ranging from 85 to 175 beats per minute.(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the incidence as well as contributing factors to fatal hypothermia. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective, registry-based analysis. METHODS Cases of fatal hypothermia were identified in the database of the National Board of Forensic Medicine for the 4 northernmost counties of Sweden and for the study period 1992-2008. Police reports,(More)
The RTES Demo System 2004 is a prototype for reliable, fault-adaptive infrastructure applicable to commodity-based dedicated application computer farms, such as the Level 2/3 trigger for the proposed BTeV high energy physics project. This paper describes the prototype, and its demonstration at the 11th IEEE Real Time and Embedded Technology Applications(More)
BACKGROUND Tissue velocity echocardiography is increasingly used to evaluate global and regional cardiac function. Previous studies have suggested that the quantitative measurements obtained during ejection are reliable indices of contractility, though their load-sensitivity has been studied in different settings, but still remains a matter of controversy.(More)
This paper describes a comprehensive prototype of large-scale fault adaptive embedded software developed for the proposed Fermilab BTeV high energy physics experiment. Lightweight self-optimizing agents embedded within Level 1 of the prototype are responsible for proactive and reactive monitoring and mitigation based on specified layers of competence. The(More)
BACKGROUND The expression of the tissue plasminogen activator gene can be affected by histone deacetylation inhibition and thus appears to be under epigenetic control. OBJECTIVES The study aimed to test if in vivo pharmacological intervention by valproic acid treatment would lead to increase in tissue plasminogen activator release capacity. METHODS In(More)