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The authors compared 2 approaches to vocational rehabilitation for individuals with severe mental illness: the individual placement and support (IPS) model of supported employment and the diversified placement approach (DPA), which emphasizes work readiness and offers a range of vocational options, including agency-run businesses and agency-contracted(More)
The authors compared 3 approaches to vocational rehabilitation for severe mental illness (SMI): the individual placement and support (IPS) model of supported employment, a psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR) program, and standard services. Two hundred four unemployed clients (46% African American, 30% Latino) with SMI were randomly assigned to IPS, PSR, or(More)
U.S. fertility rose from a low of 2.27 children for women born in 1908 to a peak of 3.21 children for women born in 1932. It dropped to a new low of 1.74 children for women born in 1949, before stabilizing for subsequent cohorts. We propose a novel explanation for this boom-bust pattern, linking it to the huge improvements in maternal health that started in(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is related to outcomes in persons with severe mental illness (SMI) participating in a study of vocational rehabilitation programs. BACKGROUND PTSD is a common comorbid disorder in people with SMI, but it is unknown whether PTSD interferes with the ability to benefit from rehabilitation(More)
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  • The history of the family : an international…
  • 1996
The author presents an overview of long-term trends in U.S. nuptiality. "Marriage in colonial North America was notable for being early (for women) and marked by low percentages never marrying.... Between 1800 and the present there have been long cycles in nuptiality. Since about 1800, female age at first marriage rose from relatively low levels to a peak(More)
The solaris and ldap naming services deploying ldap in the enterprise that we provide for you will be ultimate to give preference. This reading book is your chosen book to accompany you when in your free time, in your lonely. This kind of book can help you to heal the lonely and get or add the inspirations to be more inoperative. Yeah, book as the widow of(More)
Our objective was to produce avascular, myofibroblast-rich tissue capsules for use as autologous grafts for hollow, smooth muscle-walled visceral organs-bladder, uterus and vas deferens. To produce tissue for grafting, templates of the appropriate shape were implanted in the peritoneal cavities of rats or rabbits. After 2-3 weeks, the templates were(More)
This article presents new estimates of age-specific overall and marital fertility rates for the entire United States for the period 1900-1910. The estimation techniques are the two-census parity increment method and the own-children method. The data sources are the 1900 census public use sample and tabulations of 1910 census fertility data published with(More)